Business consulting services focused on breakthroughs
Orenda offers business consulting services tailored to your business model. We immerse ourselves together with our clients in their own complexity, and we help organise it in ways that lead to breakthrough insights that are practically actionable. We help bring out our clients’ orenda so they can take charge of their own destiny.

Our proprietary


Our GOAL approach is customisable and adaptive to any client in any industry


Collect relevant information to assess the current context and situation. 


Define the problem context relative to environmental complexity. 


Come together in agreement on the way forward.


Set in motion the recommended actions.

At the heart of


1. Inclusive Facilitation

We draw out the clients’ understanding of their environment, acting as a mirror to the clients in order to reflect back their current reality.

2. Insightful Research

By asking the right questions and systematically approaching the problem, we study relevant sources in order to establish facts and reach profound conclusions.

3. Illustrative Communication

We enable the longevity of new-found solutions to complex problems through communicating and documenting these in simple and illustrative ways.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Leonardo da Vinci